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In the last class, we discovered the best example of seed sowing in the whole of the Bible – we found it in John 3: 16

For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16

Begotten son, meaning most precious son. God sowed his most precious seed as a price for our salvation.

Not everything in life come cheap. As a matter of fact, manifestations that will last, have to be laboured for. That Labour is a seed and a price you need to pay, if you must enjoy extraordinary benefits.

I told you in the last class that there are other components of that perfect example of seed sowing, we just found in John 3:16, that we will begin to examine

Please open your Bible. You may need to pause the tape to do that. Please do so if you have to. I want you to see it for yourself. Open to John 3:16 once again and read in between the lines.

For God so Loved the world – THAT’S LOVE

That He gave His only begotten son – THAT’S THE SEED

That whosoever believeth in Him – That’s faith

Should not perish, but have everlasting life – THAT’S LIFE IN IT’S FULLEST

So we have already examined the seed sowing component of that scripture and identified God as the most perfect example of a sower, He sowed his most precious seed. I told you to sow quality and precious seeds anytime you sow, because the soil (or receiver) is quite strategic to your harvest. Don’t give to God or men as if they’re begging for it. God sowed His most precious son, now, he has billions of sons.

In today’s LIFECLASS, let us deal with the LOVE component of that Scripture in John 3:16. So this class is titled:

The Love Component.

For God so loved the world!

Here’s the LIFECLASS moment. Please pay attention.

Don’t sow, if you don’t love.

Love prepares the soil for the seed. Loving the soil is like ploughing it and loosening it for the planting season.

For God so loved the world! So let’s say you want to give to a brother. You should be able to say, “For I so love the brother”

Or let’s say you want to volunteer yourself for God’s service in one form or the other, you should be able to say, oh, “For I so Love God and his work”

While it is fine to expect a harvest, it is wrong to make that our motivation. Love should be the motivation. When God sowed Jesus to transact our salvation, his motivation was Love, “For God So loved the world”. His harvest turned out to be billions of souls in return, but Love motivated him. Unconditional love.

Sowing brings you into a covenant with God as the Bible says in psslms 50 verse 5

“Gather my saints together unto me; Those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.”

God becomes committed by that covenant, to ensuring your harvest, yet, believe me, that harvest shouldn’t be your motivation. Why? because, even God our example was motivated by love, unconditional love.

You must have heard it said that if you have a need, then sow a seed. Absolutely correct, we’ve learnt it in LIFECLASS too, but you see, never leave out love in all of this, because you’re not living for the harvest, you’re living for love, for Jesus, and he has already prepared a place for us to spend eternity. When we get to heaven, there will be no need to meet. Only love will be shared eternally. So, start practicing here on earth, what you will do for the rest of eternity. In eternity, we will not need anything, we will not have to give anything to get abundance, we will only love and love lavishly. Hallelujah!

You cannot be poor here, I insist, but many people are rich in money, and empty in the spirit. The sad thing is, they even find their way onto the altar and pour this emptiness onto the church. It pains me. You may plunge yourself into complete spiritual emptiness if you’re only sowing to receive but leaving out the love component of the seed sowing covenant. You become empty because the only attribute that endears you to your father is missing. Love is missing!

When you see such people who sow or serve, only to receive and not motivated by love, they’re never calm. They forget that they must long after God as a deer pants after the water brooks according to psalms 42 verse 1. When you serve God, let your motivation be love and not some harvest. He has definitely not called the house of Jacob to seek him in vain, so your harvest is certain, Isaiah 45 verse 19 says so.

Understand this LIFECLASS, everything about our worship, our commitment, our spirituality, does not always have to be short, stylish, stage-managed and user friendly. In God’s presence, we should still shed tears in awe of him. Love for Him is what gets you to that level in worship! Dancing is fine, but our worship should not always be short.

There’s danger in the present microwave breed of worshippers we’re gradually becoming, where we perform every exercise that fosters intimacy with God, in haste. Prayer, meditation, exhortation, and fasting should not always be short. No, it shouldn’t. Or, When do we want to start tarrying for power and waiting all day, as the disciples did in Acts 1:14.

There’s a love component of seed sowing, and that’s what I just showed you in John 3:16. Say Lord Jesus, thank you for your birth, your life, your love, your death and your resurrection. I love you because you loved me. Let all my seed sowing be motivated by love and not just the assurance harvest. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Or wait, have you given your life to Jesus? Are you sure? Are you still in him. If you’re not sure, say Lord Jesus, I also thank you for your birth, your life, your love, your death and your resurrection. I present myself to you as I am. Save me Lord. I’m sorry for my sins and I receive your forgiveness. I receive you as my Lord and saviour. I’m saved. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Thank you everyone.. Remain blessed as we meet again in the next class. In Jesus Name. Amen.

A happy day to you and many thanks once again for joining in. Father we thank you for this awesome opportunity on LIFECLASS, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Today, I’ve been asked to proclaim to you that THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS, JUST CARRY THE SEED. That’s the title of today’s class.

You’ve probably heard this scripture in John 3:16 quoted maybe over a million times and we all know its the most popular Bible verse on earth, right? Of course.

For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16

But amazingly LIFECLASS, I think I got another revelation in that same scripture. follow me, please let me show you.

God loved the world, and then He gave His only begotten son. His only unique son – that is, JESUS. But Why? So everyone that who receives Him may have LIFE, eternal life. In other words, the reason He gave JESUS is because He wants the world to have life. We can reframe this verse this way. In that scripture, I heard God saying:

Hello World! My people that I created. I love you so much, and I don’t want you to perish, so because of this, I’m sowing into you the most precious thing I have  – my Son. So that you would have everlasting life.

Beloved son means most previous son. God sowed his most precious seed. What kind of seeds do you sow? I once told you to carry your seeds jealously, such seeds are precious because it means something to you. In 2 Samuel chapter 24 verse 24, Kind David insisted he would not give to God what means nothing to him. Even when you give to men, right from your mind, don’t look down on them or always think you’re doing them a favour. Every sower needs a soil, I believe they’re also doing you a favour by receiving it, otherwise, there’d be no harvest for you. Don’t give to God or to people as if they’re begging you for it.

But There’s yet another thing I saw in that scripture:

It turned out that as i looked through the Bible for examples of seed sowers, I found that God himself is the best example and that scripture in John 3:16 is the best explanation of seed sowing. In the coming days, We will examine that verse and see the hidden components of seed sowing. See LIFECLASS, please assume for a moment that you don’t know that scripture and let me show you what I saw.

Hear this: Your redemption is in the word, or let me put it raw, your success is in the Bible. If you read every other book and seldom read the bible, trust me, you’ve limited yourself already.. Your miracle is waiting for you in the word . Your liberation is in it’s revelations. But you can’t unlock them in a hurry. You can’t get God’s secrets in the same way to microwave your food. It takes quality time. Whatever you see in God’s word is what you get. What you don’t see, you will never have!

Yesterday, I lost an important file on my phone. It had taken several man hours and investment to put that work  together as it required field experience, but now it is gone. That file is some training content that should be sold for good business. I had deleted it mistakenly!

Now, as I was about to start feeling very bad and sad about it. It popped my mind that some certain software can help recover lost files, so I searched and tried one. You see, even though that software was common knowledge to me, I’ve actually been used to such for about 2 decades now, yet when I tried it yesterday and it worked and recovered that precious file for me, it was like a miracle. The miracle is not only that I found the file, the miracle is that of how a sad and almost regretful countenance can change in a twinkle to joyous and vibrant, hopeful and confident.

God showed me immediately there that there’s nothing lost in your life that cannot be found, nothing missing that cannot be located, if only you use the right tools and methods. LIFECLASS, let me announce to you that the best of such tools is God’s word, which is God’s Seed. You don’t have shortcuts, you must carry God’s seed, with it you locate every other thing you are looking for.

Notice I said you must ‘carry’ God’s seed, which is His word. Underline the word carry. You only carry something that is heavy. The word of God is heavy. So much spiritual weight, impacting visibly on human circumstances. When you carry it and believe in it, you carry power.

Unfortunately, people want shortcuts. They hear hot sermons and never return to the notes they took, to study those scriptures and internalize the revelations shared. They prefer quotable quotes and motivational skits that appeal to emotion and appear as true talk! They don’t want to labor in the word for themselves until it becomes flesh in them.

Don’t just browse scriptures and sample devotionals, from now on, devote time, please do, settle down and consume it. You can begin by spending more time on every scripture we share on LIFECLASS. Spend hours with the word, not just those few minutes spent in haste. No. No SHORTCUTS, Just carry the seed of God in you. Your harvest is waiting.

Say Lord Jesus, I thank you for our word. I will carry it from today, and locate my hidden treasure. In Jesus Name. Amen.

And if you’d like to going God’s family and give your life to Jesus, you’re welcome. Say Lord Jesus, I thank you for the life you lived and gave up for me. I’m sorry for my sins and I receive forgiveness your forgiveness. I accept you as my Lord and saviour. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus Name,Amen.

Let’s meet tomorrow again on LIFECLASS. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Hello LIFECLASS, I’m glad you came to class today. Many thanks. Today’s episode is titled

Continuity & Multiplication.

When you sow seeds, you become a continuous success, not a periodic achiever, if you know what that means. People who sow seeds rise and remain on top, they don’t come down, even if the economy goes down, they remain up there, courtesy of the power of continuity hidden within the seed.

That’s because your seeds multiply to become your harvest. But that increase is not geometric. I.e, not only in simple multiples. Or how do you explain the fact that a seed became a tree, what formula explains that? The difference in the sizes of the seed and the tree is so much and that explains what I mean by exponential multiplication – increase that defies logic.

But there’s even more.

For a moment, please allow me to switch to mark’s account of the same scripture we’ve been analyzing in the last few days. I’m talking about That passage in Matt 18:31-32. Mark’s account of that scripture is in Mark 4:31-32

31It is like a grain of mustard, which when sown, upon the ground, is the smallest of all seeds upon the earth;

32Yet after it is sown, it grows up and becomes the greatest of all garden herbs and puts out large branches, so that the birds of the air are able to make nests and dwell in its shade – Mark 4:31-32

I love God and His word, it’s quite amazing how so much is packed into just one scripture. And oh, lest I forget, the word of God is God’s seed too, you know? Don’t worry, we’ll expound on that later. As a child of God,  you must be a seed at every time and have a seed also all the time. The study of seed sowing is so fundamental to greatness in life that we have to settle down, I mean, take our time to learn about it, if we must grow.

Back to our discourse, as we keep seeing in the scripture, that tiny seed has become a very large tree, with virtue, so large that birds of the air now shelter under it and most importantly NEST on it. (i.e, they lay eggs and hatch young ones on it.)

Of course you know that when birds shelter under a tree, they lay eggs there too. They hatch the eggs and reproduce new birds. Just that tiny seed that stood by itself has become a huge tree that now supports new life.

This is not only Multiplication, it’s also Continuity, since reproduction is involved. It means Hidden within any little seed in your hand is power for continuity and multiplication. Believe me LIFECLASS, from today, anytime you hold a seed in your hands, hold it jealously, and name your harvest before sowing it. Because it may look ordinary, but it carries spiritual weight. Inside the seed lies your opportunity for multiplication and continuity. If you’re looking unto God for a child, key into this and sow seeds that provoke new life. If you’re believing for any new thing in any way, a new job, a new idea, a new business, a new apartment, your own new house, a new deal, and so on, then what you should do is to sow a new seed that will provoke that new thing. It’s not my making. We just saw it in Mark 4:31-32, that seed became a tree and now birds have started nesting on it and new life has happened on the tree. What a word!

Now, do we see the reason why you must always have a seed and at the same time be a seed? It’s very essential. Without sowing seeds, no continuity, no multiplication, what you have instead is stagnancy, division, and staleness and then death.

Hear this again, we saw it yesterday

What’s inside the seed?


Every good seed you sow will multiply you enforce the continuity of something vital in your life. Every seed is a life carrier. People who sow seeds are guaranteed of good life, good health and long life.

Remember the widow of Zarephath in 1King17:24. That little handful of meal she gave to Elisha turned out to be her life saver. She and her son ate the harvest and it would not finish. Later on, her son too was saved from the dead. We’ll still do a complete analysis of the widow-of-zarephat story afterward. If she hadn’t given that little, she would eat it and die.

I tell you, every seed is a life carrier. Folks who don’t sow, do themselves a lot of disadvantage. I hope this is waking up some things within you. A lot is still going to be discussed, but for now, just remember: your seed will multiply you, increase you and make you continue. Your seed determines the quality of life you can have.

But there’s a lesson I want you to learn.
If you ask me for something, even if I will not give to you, I will not tell you carelessly that I don’t have. God has shown me the negative weight of such statements in your atmosphere of faith. Oh, or you don’t know, nothing happens if the spiritual atmosphere around you is filled with words of lack, vain arguments of poverty and thoughts of limitation. That’s by the way, the point I’m making is that your words are potent seeds too. This I will dwell on as from tomorrow’s class.

Hidden in every seed is virtue and power for continuity and multiplication of life. Hidden in every seed is life!

Say Lord Jesus, I thank you for today’s class. My continuity is guaranteed. My multiplication is sure. I’m a sower and not a complainer. My atmosphere is charged for miracles. My hands will never lack seeds, in Jesus Name.

And if you’d like to going God’s family and give your life to Jesus, you’re welcome. Say Lord Jesus, I thank you for the life you lived and gave up for me. I’m sorry for my sins and I receive forgiveness your forgiveness. I accept you as my Lord and saviour. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus Name,Amen.

Please send your comments and testimonies to us. LIFECLASS continues tomorrow by God’s grace. Amen.

Let us continue from where we stopped in the last class. Remember that scripture we were trying to breakdown

Matt 18:31-32. Verse 32 says:

..but when it has grown, it is the largest of the garden herbs and become a TREE, so the birds of the air come and find shelter in its branches.

LIFECLASS, I want you to see that this is VIRTUE!

Virtue simply means worth, advantage, beneficial quality of something, admirable quality. Birds cannot shelter under a seed, they can only shelter under a tree. The seed became a TREE – From little/no advantage to very advantageous. Now, that’s virtue! The becoming, the worth it has garnered and gathered. That is virtue. The seed carries VIRTUE.

What happens when you train yourself to become a sower is that you become a reference and rallying point for the many others. And that’s because people will look up to you for value. Please, you need to stop singing these your songs of ‘things are hard’, ‘times are difficult’ and all of that. If you don’t stop thinking you don’t have enough, you will gradually chisel out the grace that God has reserved for you to touch lives and do exploits.

Check through all of the the Bible, the people who did exploits, are those who had set out to sow seeds. Doing so, made them custodians of virtue. They became carriers of so much grace that they cannot but share. They became large trees in the garden of life and people, like birds began to take shelter, succor, support,  help and provision under them. What a word, Hallelujah!

And If you don’t believe me, then let me show you some examples. In Genesis chapter 40 verses 12 to 19, Joseph interpreted dreams for free for  the butler and the baker, and those interpretations came to pass. That was the seed that later got him a recommendation for the throne. Where is your seed?

In 1 Samuel chapter 17 verses 17 to 18, David took a seed of corn and 10 loaves of bread to the commander of his brothers army battalion, at the word of his father Jesse, but then, that was a seed and that gave him a chance at the war front. That seed brought him face to face with Goliath,  that seed shot him into destiny.., into limelight, again, I say, where is yours? Where’s your seed?

Yet again, you know we found out yesterday that Saul became king after he sowed a seed to Samuel in 1 Samuel chapter 9 verses 7 to 8. He wasn’t thinking about being king, he was only looking for his father’s sheep. He sought for sheep, but he found the throne. How? Because he sowed a seed. Because he was willing to part with something in order to find something. So, what do you want? What are you willing to give in exchange? No doubt, when harvest comes, it’s always way bigger than the seed sown. That’s because there’s virtue in the seed.

Hello LIFECLASS? Are you still with me?

When we say there’s virtue in the seed, what we’re saying is that it transforms the sower into resourceful oases. Seed sowing is like exercising. The more you do it, the more you grow in it. It may sound funny, but sometimes I wake up in the morning and scroll through my phone book looking for someone to bless. Recently, i did so, it turned out the brother I decided to give to, was in dare need of provision. Honestly, I didn’t know. What happened that week amazed me. From no where, I landed a recurring deal worth monthly pay of almost 10 tines what I sowed.

In Esther chapter 6 verse 1, Bible says:

On that night, the king  could not sleep, and he commanded to bring the book of records of the chronicles; and they were read before the king.

What happened in the second verse was that Modecai was located and blessed, but that’s not what I want to show. That verse 1 is what I want you to see clearly. The king was looking for someone to bless. He was looking for someone to sow into. And that’s today’s LIFECLASS moment: It’s a revelation!

From today, start looking for people to bless. Stop looking for money, start looking for soils to sow into. Start looking for people to serve. Pray about it, pull out your contacts, it doesn’t matter what you have now or do not have. The quality of the seed begins with the genuineness of the sower’s heart, not in the size of the seed.

So stop saying you don’t have. You have seed. Oh yes you do. It’s dangerous not to have a seed. People who don’t have never receive. Our Lord Jesus even painted it worse than that Luke 19:26. Hear it for yourself:

“He replied, ‘I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but as for the one who has nothing, even what they have will be taken away. – NIV

Let me remind you again that it goes beyond money. I hope you get what I’m saying. For that king in Esther 6 verseS 1 and 2, that seed he sowed into modecai laTer saved the life of his wife, queen Esther and her entire people. A whole race already sentenced to destruction by Haman the kings right hand man and enemy of Esther, Mordecai and their people.

So, Trust me LIFECLASS, no seed sown is a waste, except you do it with ulterior motives like spiting someone or mocking their lack and showing off your self as better than them. I’m saying there’s so much virtue in every seed sown.

Say Lord Jesus, I thank you for this message. I now know how important it is to always have seed. From today, I’m a sower, I will always seek to better lives through my seeds, and my harvest will come effortlessly, in Jesus Name. Amen.

If you need to rededicate your life to Jesus, or you haven’t received Him at any time in your life, now is your moment. For you, it’s the reason God made you attend this class. Say “Lord Jesus, I come to you today. I thank you for the gift of life. I know you died for me and i believe it. I receive forgiveness for my sins. I receive you as my Lord and Saviour Thank you for saving me. I’m free from today, in Jesus name, Amen”

If you said that prayer, please write to us, drop us a comment or share your story. It is well with you in Jesus Name.

And that wraps it up on LIFECLASS today. Le’s meet again in the next class, by God’s grace. Amen

Welcome everyone, today’s LIFECLASS is titled: Power In The Seed. Let’s go through that scripture again. In that Gen 1:11-12. It’s like God was saying:

“Look here earth, I need seed, you know I just formed you. You’ve just appeared from the waters (Gen 1:10). Now give me plants, make sure they are SEED producing plants. Also Give me trees too, that bear fruit, but the fruits must contain SEED.”

Maybe we should go to the next verse and see what happened after.

And the earth brought forth vegetation. Plants yielding SEED according to their own kinds and trees bearing fruits in which was their SEED, each according to its kind. And God saw that it was good (Suitable, Admirable), and He approved it. – Gen 1:12 (AMP)

Notice that God did not create the seed directly. He created the plants instead. He created what must produce the seeds. This tells you that everything God gives you is an avenue to sow a seed.

If our God is this particular about the seed, I don’t think we should do less. Life began on the third day, and for it to continue, there must be seed.

So what is it about the seed? It carries life. What is it about the seed? It carries power. Power to do what? Power for continuity.Power to do what? Power for multiplication.Continuity of what? Continuity of Life. Multiplication of what?Multiplication of Life. Yes! Life.

The concept of seed is one of the biggest, easiest, but yet, hardly obeyed concepts in God’s word. People underestimate the power in the seed. That power released when you sow a seed can mark the difference between life and death, between poverty and wealth, between sickness and health, between obscurity and limelight, between frustration and grace

Let me show you the enormity of the power hidden within every seed. Again this is today’s LIFECLASS moment. A moment of Rhema. It’s what God showed me. Please move closer and let me show you.

In Matt 13:31-33, that is Matt 13:31-33

“Another Story by way of comparison, He set before them saying, the kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed which a man took and sowed in his field. Of all the seeds, it is the smallest, but when it has grown, it is the largest of the garden herbs and becomes a tree so that the birds of the air come and find shelter in its branches.” – Matt 13:31-33

Now follow me again, I’m going somewhere. This time, move closer – attentively:

Q            What is it about the seed?

A.           It carries life.

Q.           What is it about the seed?

A.           It carries power.

Q.           Power to do what?

A.           Power for continuity.

Q.           Power to do what?

A.           Power for multiplication.

Q.           Continuity of what?

A.           Continuity of Life.

Q.           Multiplication of what?

A.           Multiplication of Life.

Now, let’s justify this breakdown with the above scripture.

32 – Of all the seeds, it is the smallest, but when it has GROWN, it is the largest…..

But something in it makes it grow. It’s like a miracle takes place. Although, there is a process, but there’s a miracle. A miracle happened.  The simple truth I’m breaking here is that there is POWER in that seed. Power that creates. It’s a miracle. That POWER makes it grow. That Is why once upon a time, it was the smallest, now, it’s the largest! Something happened. Something Changed. LIFECLASS, There’s power in the seed!

That power in the seed is God’s own power and it is that power that does the miracle and multiplication.

The power in the seed is the power of creation itself. The power to bring something out of nothing.

Now wait, talking about bringing something out of nothing. In Matt 14:18-21 Our Lord Jesus fed 5,000 men by multiplying only 5 loaves and 2 fishes. In John chapter 9 verse 6, he formed clay and restored that blind man’s eyes with it.

Talking about your seed provoking something out of nothing, in 1 Samuel chapter 9 verses 7 to 8, Saul who wasn’t a king yet, sowed a seed, as he was looking for his father’s lost animals. See LIFECLASS, his harvest was more than just finding the lost animals, he became king through that seed. If you’re watching or listening to this, that seed you’re about to sow will make you king in Jesus Name.

There’s absolutely no doubt about the creative potency in every seed sown, where we could however be getting it wrong is the soil in which we sow. If the soil is bad or inappropriate, the seed is a waste. Seed sowing should be a daily exercise,. But don’t waste your seeds, not every soil is fertile, or right. Give to the right people, the right places, the right projects, the right relationships, the right men of God, the right friends.

You may be asking me, how do I know the right soil. Simple answer. Listen more to the Holy spirit than to religion or sentiments. Sowing is not a convenient exercise but i can tell you for free that the best place to sow is where you have reaped. A soil that has produced for you had proved its fertility, maybe not only financial, but in other good things – succor, support and love . If you sow into such a soil, you get more and help it become more fertile. This applies to people, friends, associates, church, and even men of God. Remember that money is not the only thing that can be sown. Though it sometimes carries more weight because, parting with money gauges your faith in God and readiness to surrender all.

So people, there’s power in the seed. The seedless christian is a powerless christian. It is spiritual, only the discerning will understand. No seed, No power. No power, no exploits. You cannot be poor or barren in Jesus Name. But that simply means you cannot lack seed.

Say Lord Jesus, I refuse to be powerless. I refuse to lack seed in my hands. I refuse to hold back my seeds and I receive that power to multiply as I sow my seeds in Jesus Name

If you haven’t given your life to Jesus, or you want to return to him, then look no further for a seed. Your life is that seed you need to sow to him. I’m glad you’re attending this class. Say Lord Jesus, I thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for dying for me. I’m ready to sow my life unto you. I receive forgiveness for all my sins and I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus Name.

Again, we have come to the end of today’s LIFECLASS. Remain blessed as we meet in the next class, in Jesus Name, Amen.