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AVOID SELFISH NEEDS | Prov 11:25 | My Jesus Today – Lesson 16 | David Adeniji

To be selfish is to be concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others. If this describes you, then know that it’s not a requisite for receiving miracles. Usually, it is what you help others get, that become common place in your life. If you help people secure happiness, you will have it in abundance. When you help others secure their miracles, or you make yourself the very miracle source, then you will never lack divine intervention in your own life.

For example, ordinarily speaking, you hardly see a car seller that doesn’t have a car. Most masons (house builders) have a house of their own, even if it’s a crib. Even Bible says in Prov 11:25, that “He that water others will be watered.” and that the generous soul will be made fat!

Question: What’s the content of your needs? What do you ask God for, on daily basis? If it’s all about you, then it’s faulty. It’s the reason you’re not getting the right answers. What are the things you’re helping others achieve? What’s your contribution to people’s happiness? Or is it just about you? And wait a minute. I’m not here to talk about giving only. Please check out Mary in John 2:3. One would ordinarily think: Why’s she so concerned with the fact that their wine finished?

We do not know her relationship with the party organizers, but why is everyone not as worried about it as she is? Because she knows the consequence of the finished wine. Disgrace! And she doesn’t want that for them. I think that’s how to selfless. That compassion you feel by imagining the pain of others, and moving to their rescue. So, Mary assumed a need for herself, that doesn’t even concern her directly. Hence, she ran to the Great provider. Please avoid selfish needs, because even when you get them met, the happiness is incomplete, it’s yours only. And usually is doesn’t last, because you will soon need more.

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