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HOW ENCOUNTERS COME | Luke 5:1-11 | I Know Whom I Believed – Lesson 29 | David Adeniji
In Luke 5:8, Fisherman Peter fell down at Jesus’ feet saying ‘Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord’. Now, that was the real encounter. Peter’s encounter in that scripture was not even the overflowing net-breaking and boat-sinking catch he made with his friends, John and James, after they obeyed Jesus and cast the net at his command.
That was a miracle quite alright. But let’s not confuse miracles with encounters. A miracle may be an encounter. But not all encounters come as a miracle for the world to see. Peter, James & John saw the miraculous gathering of fishes, but only Peter received the word – “From henceforth, you shall catch men” – Luke 5:10. Most encounters are personal and first it exposes the individual’s weakness/lack and instantly replaces such weaknesses with unprecedented strength/ability.
Peter’s encounter in that scripture was his sudden realization of his present state. He was humbled by the saviours choice of him. Only those who are sick need doctors – Luke 5:31. Only hungry souls get encounters Isaiah 44:3. Your encounter may just be a repentance away. But wait. What Peter did in that scripture was to obey Jesus, even when it looked foolish to fish in the morning, having caught nothing all night. I Call that Blind Obedience! That’s how encounters come.
If you doubt that, follow me once more to Isaiah 6:5. Isaiah soaked himself in God’s Holiness and glorious grandeur to an extent his eyes popped open and he saw his true nature – A man of unclean lips! Again, I say that encounters begin when you see your self the way you truly are – naked, before God, needing all the help you can get. Please stop boasting to be something, when you are nothing before him.
Ask for an encounter. The good thing is, when He reveals, He refills! That was Isaiah’s experience, That was his encounter. But What did Isaiah do to initiate that encounter ? “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord”. If you seek him, you will find him – Jer 29:13. I think you need a retreat. Set out time to seek God. Fast and stay hungry for him. Take a break if need be. Go somewhere silent. For sure, you will see him, and he will reveal yourself to you, and he will purify you and refill you. That’s how encounters begin. That’s how encounters come! Say Lord I hear this sir. My encounter comes speedily, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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