YOUR OBEDIENCE IS YOUR PROMOTION | John 2:8 | My Jesus Today – Lesson 27 | David Adeniji

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YOUR OBEDIENCE IS YOUR PROMOTION | John 2:8 | My Jesus Today – Lesson 27 | David Adeniji

Alright, The pots have been filled with water. And Jesus said no prayers whatsoever. He didn’t even command water to become wine. Wait, that amazed me when I saw it. Fill the pots with water, they filled it to the brim, they gave their all. That provoked the ‘miracle’ 2 in 1 instruction, ‘Draw out the water again and serve to the Governor’. These servants we’re promoted that day from serving ordinary men, to serving a governor.

“Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men – Prov 22:29”

An instruction perfectly obeyed, entitles you to another one. And that’s promotion. There are two ways to get things done in your life. By your strength, or By obedience to God’s command and this makes you skip natural protocols. The next instruction for these servants was to take out water again from the pot. Now you can see, no wonder it was important Mary warned them to do whatever he instructed. Because I mean, It’s beginning to get frustrating.

No prayers, no pronouncement, nothing. When Namaan got the same kind of instruction in 2 Kings 5:10, he got angry. One of the servant might have thought, “please what’s then the purpose of filing the pots in the first place? When we could have simply taken the water directly to the Governor, and to the people”. That’s the way many people reason. They try to rationalize God’s word. When you get curious at God’s word, please just let your curiosity lead you to fellowship and asking God How, not arguing or seeking men’s interpretation. That’s what Mary did in Luke 1:34 when the angel told her she would bear a son without knowing a man. She didn’t argue, but in humility, she said ‘How ?’ , asking the same one who said it.

But these servants we’re simply amazing, they asked no questions, they obeyed the first instruction exceptionally, filling to the brim, they obeyed the second instruction without asking questions even though it looked like a repeated task, and now the third instruction became their promotion, before then, they served ordinary men, now they are serving the Governor. Isn’t that amazing? Many situations in your life need no prayers, so stop prescribing weeks and months of prayer and fasting for issues that only need your obedience to simple commands. If God has given you an assignment and you haven’t done it, then I can tell you for free it’s the reason another door hasn’t opened. Your obedience is your promotion !

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